[DDe] Destruction Derby Evolution V2.2

Link: Download
Version: 2.2
File size: 730.37 KB
Author: Lukis
Downloads: 2379x

This mod contains a lot of new objects for making mainly Destruction Derby maps. New models replaces wires and cables. There are some special bumpy roads, curves, loops, jumps and roads with a hole. You can build special maps.. Enjoy!


  • 39 objects
  • Fixed not fitting textures and shining from version 1.0
  • Roads with grass collision material

How to make a DDe map?
1) Copy dderoads.zip file to resources. ( ...server\mods\deathmatch\resources )
2) Edit ...server\mods\deathmatch\editor.conf -> open in notepad and scroll down. Add there ( )

3) Run MTA:SA and start map editor.
4) You will find new objects in group "Wires and Cables".

- Fixed collision (Ramp 2)
- Added 4 objects

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