#1103 02.03.2015 at 03:30
Update Core: Some security changes
#1102 16.02.2015 at 02:08
Update Race: Improved accuracy of FDD items placing - no more mines partly/fully under ground
Fix Damage: Disabled falling of wheels for problematic vehicles (monster, dune, ...)
Fix Vote: Fixed preselecting of item when new vote starts over old vote
#1101 14.02.2015 at 02:52
New AntiLagg: Lag room limits: 15FPS, 400ms
New AntiLagg: FDD limits: 25FPS, 200ms
New AntiLagg: Shooter limits: 25FPS, 200ms
New Lobby: FPS and Ping limit info in server detail view
New New server room for laggers (contains FDD and SHOOT maps)
New AntiLagg: Added ping info under radar
#1100 04.02.2015 at 07:24
Update AntiLagg: Changed instant kill to 3 seconds countdown
New MultiLang: Added Turkish language chat
#1099 03.02.2015 at 01:17
Update AntiLagg: Instant kill of player with ultra high ping/low fps
Update Chat: Enabled outputing to F8 console
Update Shooter: Fixed Mountain bike weapons position
#1098 02.02.2015 at 02:16
New Core: Sending server and player info to web
Update Core: Room QuickJoin now uses IP instead of serial to handle requests from web
Update Chat: Hints and other improvements
#1097 17.01.2015 at 03:38
Fix Login: Fixed detection of multiAccounts sometime not working correctly
#1096 14.01.2015 at 09:58
Fix AntiHack: Fixed possibility to overpass antimod by joining server before detection starts
#1095 13.01.2015 at 03:07
Update Sync: Increased initial sync rate
Fix Race: Fixed wins counting abuse
#1094 23.12.2014 at 09:44
Update AntiLagg: Adjusted camp limits
#1093 17.11.2014 at 05:13
New AntiLagg: FPS, Ping, Camp killer
New AntiHack: Abuse detection messages for admins
#1092 09.11.2014 at 01:26
Fix MultiLang: Fixed saving of game language
New Chat: Main chat now allows only latin charset. use teamchat, PM or lang chat for other charsets
Fix Core: Fixed color tags not being uncolored properly
#1091 04.11.2014 at 14:54
New Core: Scripts restart countdown and auto player rejoin of room after restart
Fix Race: Fixed players not drowning
#1090 26.10.2014 at 22:30
Fix Chat: Disabled changenick spam
New Core: Modified files detection (player wont be able to join any room)
Update Core: Fixed and reenabled own timers system to replace default MTA unreliable timers
New Core: when player gets kicked, he goes back in SMT lobby
Update Race: Blocked hunter rockets for non-alive players
Update Chat: Private message restrictions to block spam floods
#1089 07.09.2014 at 01:00
New Freeroam: Weather & time manager
New Freeroam: Added job: Garbage collector
New racePickupsFDD: Added kickball and ramp
Fix Race: Fixed not working map markers
New Replay: Replay script for DM - view or redrive the track
Update Vote: Disabled random map start when noone voted in 30 seconds
Fix Sync: Fixed remaining download pointers when requested file doesnt exist serverside
Fix Core: Fixed MTA bug reseting weather when setting world time
Update Core: Enabled setting playerStats while afk on non-race gamemodes
Fix Chat: Auto-scrolldown when player sends a message
Update General code cleanup, removed 3000 lines of debugs, comments, and useless functions
New Sync: Implemented players bone attached objects synchronization
Fix GUI: Fixed problem with login panel not allowed to remember login data
New Freeroam: Added job: Cop
#1088 01.05.2014 at 02:22
Update Panel: Autobinding F-keys for corresponding actions
Update raceShooter: Blocking shooting during showing cursor
Update GUI: Enabled autologin
Fix Chat: Fixed messages shadow placed on incorrect position
Fix Freeroam: Fixed MTA bug related to spraycan and fire extinguisher not triggering onClientPlayerDamage for remote clients
New MultiLang: Added Lithuanian translate by Infern_0
New GUI: Player stats window (only stats for local player right now)
#1087 28.04.2014 at 00:18
Update Core: Separated onPlayerRequestSpawn function from mapscript to corresponding gamemode scripts (different for each gamemode)
New Freeroam: Wanted level system
Update Chat: Improved player lists in teamchat, added option to auto-enter globalteamchat on pressing Y
New Chat: Own /nick and /name commands (scripts cannot call hardcoded MTA functions)
New Chat: /showchat command, auto-show during input if chat is hidden
New Core: Own function to handle rendering of colored texts, MTA function was adding wrong offsets so shadow couldn't fit
#1086 27.04.2014 at 02:43
Fix Core: Another problem with cursor behaving as hiden while showing (MTA issue)
New Chat: Showing list of players in current chat (team&language), /pm hints
Fix Core: Fixed function table.convert conversion of table keys into same table (some keys were skipped)
New MultiLang: Hungarian translate by Zsoxa
Update Core: Clearing cache of downloading files requested by not running scripts on server leave
New Chat: New chat interfeace, looks very similar to original one, but will allow major improvements in future
#1085 22.04.2014 at 01:44
Update Servermanager: Added script ability to leave current server
New MultiLang: Russian translate by Punk
New MultiLang: Polish translate by bartek
#1084 20.04.2014 at 02:44
Fix Core: Custom tonumber function to prevent conversion of numbers containing some letters
Update Core: Improved server-client sync accuracy from second to miliseconds
New racePickups: Scripted pickup respawn
Update raceDDe: Added last missing carshade object to replace list
Update Core: Added clearing memory entries after unbindKey
Fix Teams: Fixed bugged team colors when team color was numeric and started with zero
New MultiLang: Added Lithuanian translate by Hazard
Update Servermanager: Disabled server room rejoining during countdown
New Servermanager: Joinflood protection
Fix Core: Lowered priority of color replacement, possible fix for not replaced color tags in !points, etc... messages
Fix Chatwork: Language messages showing only on player server
Fix Chatwork: Fixed language message button unbinding team button (MTA bug)
#1083 19.04.2014 at 01:26
New Chatwork: Language chat on 'L' key
New MultiLang: Added Turkish translate by Alpi
New MultiLang: Added Slovak translate by Rudeboy
New MultiLang: Added Spanish translate by Dexter
New MultiLang: Added Arabic translate by Solly
#1082 18.04.2014 at 00:00
New MultiLang: Added Deutsch translate by Renegade
Fix Admin: Fixed double mute messages and console mutes visible globaly
#1081 17.04.2014 at 01:49
New MultiLang: Added Czech translate by drifterCZ
New Gui: Scripted Login panel and Lobby cooperation
New MultiLang: Function to download and automaticly load language file on setting change
Update MultiLang: Added second form of country name
Update Admin: Reason of punishment is now optional and doesnt show in messages if not fill in
Fix Stats: fixed stats commands chat and functionality issues
New Stats: Protection to disallow usage of one account by multiple players at same time
Fix Core: Fixed image considered as successfuly drawn while initializing download
New Stats: Login & Register Gui windows
#1080 14.04.2014 at 02:43
New racePickupsFDD: Added hay item
Update Core: Auto-create of file if doesn't exists in fileOpen
New GUI: Finished Gui v2.0
New Stats: Added stats commands (!points, !wins, ...)
New Servermanager: Support for quickjoin when switching from other server
#1079 09.04.2014 at 12:17
Update Podium: Support for custom animations on podium. Only for admins right now.
Update Core: Updated system to work with items and variables stored in it
Fix Core: Fixed table.convert storing new value in invalid key
#1078 06.04.2014 at 20:25
New Chatwork: Anti-spam system
Update SMT: Security check to wake up playtime counters in case of fail
Update Admin: Reworked mute system, auto-remute when player joins. Mute time is now related to play time, not real time
Update Admin: If admin mutes player on different server, message will be shown on both
Update Chatwork: Optimizied outputMessage, support for sending more sendTo elements at once, ability to use only serverID instead of serverRoot
#1077 31.03.2014 at 03:44
Update Core: Removed scripts download queue, scripts are now started in order they get downloaded
Fix Core: Fixed starting downloaded scripts downloading late and starting at unwanted moment (also fixes shooting players on FDD)
New Core: Added function to check if requested file is being downloaded
Update SMT: Reduced all data on first download to 300kb
New RaceDDe: Integrated DDe models into SMT resource, asynchronous downloading
Fix Vehicles: Fixed not loading cheetah damage model
Update Core: Adjusted texture creating properties
#1076 29.03.2014 at 03:11
New Core: Displaying client+server memory usage for admins
#1075 25.03.2014 at 17:09
New MapLoader: Added security check to reset water to default height on map start
Fix RaceActionsFDD: Fixed problems with water and gravity (caused by MTA incorrect handling of large numbers)
#1074 23.03.2014 at 23:31
Fix RaceActionsFDD: Fixed server not sending action startup time to clients
New RaceShooter: Jump button
Update RaceShooter: Correct weapon positions for all vehicles
New Core: Complete own timer system client+server as creation of MTA timers isn't responsible
#1073 21.03.2014 at 23:31
Update RaceShooter: Weapons are set as unloadded when script starts
New RaceActionFDD: New action: Shooter - adds vehicle weapons
New ServerManager: !dd, !fdd, ..., command. Supporting password argument
New Admin: !admins command to show online admins from all server rooms
New Core: !cmd commands. works exactly as /cmds but it outputs the message to all players on server/in team
Update SMT: More informations about leaving players, information about timed out or server he switched to
#1072 18.03.2014 at 23:34
Update RaceShooter: Destroying attached weapons when vehicle model changes
Fix MapInfo: Fixed player mapwins count not showing in map panel
New SMT: Test fix for timers rarely not triggering (may be caused by MTA not creating the timer)
#1071 17.03.2014 at 22:40
New RaceActionsFDD: New action: Fallout - Falling map objects
Fix RaceActionsFDD: Fixed non-repeating of same actions in vote
#1070 16.03.2014 at 23:40
New Freeroam: Respawn after death
Update Vote: Vote duration is set to 5 seconds if less than 5 are online
Update Podium: Showing podium only if 5 or more players online
#1069 16.03.2014 at 22:15
New Chatwork: Chat messages are automaticly sent to globalchat if server has less than 20 players
#1068 16.03.2014 at 20:30
New RaceShooter: Anti-spawnkill - weapons load slowly after map start
#1067 16.03.2014 at 19:11
New RaceShooter: Customised Infernus model for raceShooter gamemode
New RaceShooter: Base shooter scripts
New SMT: When vehicle destroys, it also destroys all attached elements
#1066 11.03.2014 at 23:58
Update RaceActionsFDD: Improved 'No Brakes' action, now its possible to start reversing from gear 1
Update Core: Escaping <,>,{,} in nick, may be improved to replace just unmatching brackets in future
Update raceActionsFDD: Disabled showing of already running actions in vote
New RacePickups: Auto-offsets for pickups created by map script
Update Core: Adjusted behavior of script caller hierarchy detection
New Core: Applying map coordinates offset to all elements created by map script
#1065 10.03.2014 at 15:44
New RaceActionsFDD: Added "No Brakes" action
New Core: Added responsible script name argument for onClientElementCreate
New Race: Disabled F11 map
#1064 09.03.2014 at 01:00
New Core: Adjusted maximum aircraft height to 2000 units
Update Nametags: Using more accurate function to detect vehicle damage, support for bullet & explossion damage
#1063 08.03.2014 at 15:27
New MapLoader: Notice chat messages when any map starting on other server
New Core: Unloading all custom scripts when resource restarts
Fix MapLoader: Fixed map weather and time not changing
New Core: Reseting player interior on server join
#1062 08.03.2014 at 03:21
Fix Stats: Test fix for not counting playtime #4
Fix SMT: Fixed problem with download queue sometime getting stuck with more requests of same file
New Race: Disabled SA map radar images
New RaceActionsFDD: Added new action: Water flood
New SMT: Function to remove all default GTA objects + auto restore
New SMT: Disabled oclussion (hiding default GTA objects out of sight)
Update Race: Allowed changing of vehicle when actual vehicle is hunter on non-DM servers
Fix Lobby: Fixed servers appearing as unlocked while locked
New SMT: Asynchronous sound play+download, support for getSoundVolume, setSoundVolume, setSoundSpecialEffect called for sound not yet downloaded
New SMT: playAmbientSound function to play background music & stuff, stoppable by M key
Update Nametags: Support for nametags in interiors
New SMT: Player interior synchronization + onClientPlayerInteriorChange
Update SMT: Custom getAbsolutePath for individual scripts
New Fr_Enters: Interior enters script for freeroam
Update SMT: Auto converting script path to absolute
New Menu: Script for menu selections
New SMT: Synchronization of players clothes + podium clothes sync
#1061 28.02.2014 at 21:34
Update SMT: renamed Teamsay command to Team (default mta command cannot be used). To bind team message use /bind team [message]
New SMT: Own function to handle adding of clothes for peds
#1060 24.02.2014 at 17:01
New RacePickups: Auto picking when map starts or player respawns while standing on some pickup
Update RacePickups: Rejecting pickuping for dead or ready players
New Chatwork: Anti vote spam
New MultiLang: baseTranslate now supports more words (split by underscore)
New Core: Friendly time converter
#1059 23.02.2014 at 21:42
New Admin: Mute + auto unmute system
Update Core: Renamed event onClientSecondTick to onClientTick, added also serverside, added onMinuteTick
Update Nametags: Changed states conditions of player nametag visibility
New RacePickups: Pickups have now same colors as server
#1058 23.02.2014 at 11:13
New Core: Function to draw text on screen for given ammount of time
Fix Maploader: Fixed map state not being set to 'countdown' when map loading time expired
Update RaceActionsFDD: Enabled "More Damage" vote option
#1057 22.02.2014 at 01:45
Update SMT: Fixed some problems related to time calculation (time left, crazy gravity on fdd, etc)
Update Damage: calculating the damage using more accurate MTA functions, reenabled falling off wheels
Update Server: Players are forced to update to MTA 1.3.5-9 build 6144
Fix Stats: Final fix #3 for not counting playtime after a while
#1056 21.02.2014 at 15:53
Fix removed /skin comands due to massive abusing
#1055 18.02.2014 at 23:52
New SMT: Advanced VRAM textures memory managment to minimise memory requirements to minimum
New Sync: Caching common used files to prevent re-check everytime files got reloaded
Update SMT: Custom unpack function with extra check to prevent errors
#1054 17.02.2014 at 23:52
Update Race: Moved random FDD items giving from stats to race script
New Admin: Custom setPlayerMuted, isPlayerMuted using global player data
Fix Race: Fixed 1st, 2nd and 3rd position stats counting (related to multiLang)
New SMT: Custom getPlayerNick with built in escaping
#1053 17.02.2014 at 00:17
New SMT: Escaping (replacing) special characters in nickname
Fix Stats: Test fix #2 for not counting playtime after a while
Update SMT: Updated clamp function to return lowest value if checked value is invalid
Update SMT: Disabled converting URL's to absolute path
New MultiLanguage: Converted all phrases, sentences and word to multiLanguage supported format
New SMT: Custom function isElement, to return correct values for smt elements class
Fix Lobby: 15x less VRAM usage by various optimizations
Fix SMT: Reduced bugged DX font graphic memory usage from 20MB to 1MB VRAM
Fix Race: Fixed player blips not showing when player joined during map startup
Update Changed language phrases syntax and improved functionality to support arguments
#1052 13.02.2014 at 12:47
Update mapInfo: Optimizied refreshing of map panel. Now it should get updated on any map data change
Update RaceNos: Changed default nitro mode to 'hold'
Update Settings: Player gets default setting values on join
Fix Teams: Fixed updating of variables changed on web
#1051 13.02.2014 at 03:17
Update RaceNos: Complete rescript of NOS script
#1050 12.02.2014 at 23:28
Update RaceNos: Correct detection of vehicle_fire nos keys
New Race: Detection of killer when player got killed by mine, stinger or oil
#1049 12.02.2014 at 21:12
Update MapInfo: Optimizied update request client calls to update only when needed
New MapInfo: Reloading of top map stats on change
New MapInfo: Map Topwins saving & showing
#1048 12.02.2014 at 15:25
Fix Votemap: Fixed vote ended messages showing on all servers
Fix Race: Checking if source is vehicle in onElementModelChange
#1047 12.02.2014 at 14:27
Update RaceActionsFDD: Disabled 'More Damage' as its not supported by MTA client versions lower than 1.3.5
Update Votemap: Updated votemap to be a lot more dynamic, simple way to create new voting not related to map select
New RaceActionsFDD: Fun voting for fdd server (crazy gravity, invert controls, no repairs, faster game, random vehicle, more damage, push)
#1046 10.02.2014 at 22:42
Update RacePickups: Support for custom nametag texts for pickups
Fix RacePickups: Pickups are now trigered only for vehicle or player, not for both at same time
Update RacePickups: Improved support for pickups created by maps, clientside calls
#1045 10.02.2014 at 02:14
Update Votemap: Adjusted vote time to 10 seconds, hiding next maps in 3 seconds
New SMT: Customised Dozer vehicle
#1044 09.02.2014 at 17:02
Fix Stats: Second fix for not counting playtime and no FDD items
#1043 09.02.2014 at 15:46
New Scriptloader: Script can now unbind only binds made by itself
Fix Scriptloader: Fixed problem when more keybinds attached to one key were not working
Fix Stats: Fixed updating of toptimes when new toptime is added.
Update BlockCarExit: Disabled checking while player is dead
Fix Maploader: Fixed player dead body remaining on map
Fix SMT: Fixed own handlers function not returning result (caused scripts to not being unloaded corectly)
Fix MapInfo: Fixed map panel not working after minimize
Fix SMT: Fixed problem with downloading when image was invalid element
New MapInfo: Map panel shows automaticly on map load and hides on map start. Can be disabled in settings
New MapInfo: Synchronized showing of map panel with showing of tab. Can be disabled in settings
#1042 08.02.2014 at 23:55
New SMT: Own function to handle adding of handlers
Update SMT: Updated behavior of table.join, now it's also replacing existing entries
New PHP: Clientside calls support
New MapInfo: Player personal stats are now also displayed and updated in map panel
Update Stats: Removed hunter bonus being 3x smaler to reduce inflation on stats startup
New MultiLang: Multilanguage script
New MapInfo: Scripted map info window including toptimes or topwins of current map
Fix Stats: Possible fix for not counting playtime and broken FDD items
Fix Maploader: Fixed giving same spawnid to all map players, happening since #1042
Update SMT: Converting JSON data values and keys to real type
Fix Lobby: Fixed join spam
Update SMT: Improved quality of some render function
Update SMT: Improved dxGetTextWidth to autoremove colors and color tags
New SMT: Improved dxDrawRectangle, arguments for automatic adding of borders
Update SMT: Improved working with hex color tags in dxDrawText, they are now replaced automaticly
Fix Race: Fixed players body not deleted sometime after death
#1041 06.02.2014 at 15:25
Fix racePickupsFDD: using col tube to trigger driveOver special items also for large vehicles
Update racePickupsFDD: object now can be placed only while vehicle is on ground
Update racePickupsFDD: mines, stingers and oils will now be placed always on ground, not depending on actual vehicle model
Fix SMT: Fixed GTA issue with monster trucks returning wrong base distance and always returning false for isOnGround
#1040 05.02.2014 at 20:32
Fix Race: Fixed FDD objects not being removed from memory
#1039 05.02.2014 at 15:04
New Maploader: Map countdown on screen
#1038 05.02.2014 at 06:50
New RacePickupsFDD: Icons on screen, mouse support, script reload compatibility, destroying of mine after explosion
New SMT: Own getCursorPosition to get coordinates even when cursor is officialy hidden
New SMT: Own isCursorShowing function to detect all situations with shown cursor
Update RacePickupsFDD: Script reenabled, finished. Giving random items to random players for now
Fix Maploader: Fixed errors related to no-vehicle spawnpoints
#1037 04.02.2014 at 19:15
Fix Maploader: Fixed play again issue
Update Damage: Disabled breaking of wheels due to unreliable detection of hit force (will be reenabled in mta 1.3.5 using more accurate MTA function
#1036 04.02.2014 at 14:10
New Maploader: Adjusted 'Play Again' votemap functionality - now allowed only on DD and FDD servers. Map can be played max. 2 times in row
Update Race: Vehicle streamin fixes are also applied when player enters any vehicle
Fix Spectate: Fix for black screen bug occuring rarely after server join
New Race: Vehicle change from/to no vehicle
New Race: Support for on foot spawnpoints
#1035 03.02.2014 at 16:43
Update SMT: Reenabled protection of dff files
#1034 03.02.2014 at 12:57
New Damage: scripted behavior + advanced damage model for cheetah
Fix Podium: Fixed podium starting for player on previous map
#1033 29.01.2014 at 21:32
Update Race: Adjusted detecting of vehicles in water as it was killing players on some maps with roads under water
#1032 28.01.2014 at 18:03
New Race: Carfade script. Turned on by default, can be turned off in settings on web. Works only on DM and RACE servers.
#1031 28.01.2014 at 14:42
Fix Votemap: Fixed vote not showing when finishing player died during the map
#1030 28.01.2014 at 02:13
Fix Spectate: Fixed camera bug occuring during 'training' and 'previous map' states
#1029 27.01.2014 at 03:05
Update Sync: solved problem with setState limitation due to asynchronous setting of values
New Race: Last alive player on DM is now allowed to finish a map althrought all other players will switch to next map
Update SMT: Clearing file data before executing onDownload function, to handle needed things before something can go wrong
Fix RaceNos: Various nitro fixes
#1028 26.01.2014 at 21:41
New Race: New Hunter texture
Update RaceNos: Forced 'Default' nitro mode on DM and RACE style servers
New Stats: Scripted toptimes saving
Update PHP: Different call identification parameters handling
New Race: Added hunter player stat (how many hunters player achieved)
Update Nametags: Hiding default mta nametags moved from client to server
#1027 25.01.2014 at 22:10
Update Podium: Keeping the podium txd's replaced for faster loading
Update Podium: Moved loading sequence, maybe also fixes neverending vote
New Maploader: Added admin command to start random map
Fix Stats: Fixed not counting playtime
Fix Lobby: Fixed some server animations not working
Fix SMT: Fixed water color set by map scripts not restoring after map end
Fix SMT: Fixed players having deathcam instead of being spawned in some situations
#1026 25.01.2014 at 14:21
Fix Race: Fixed vehiclechanges to work same as in original race resource
Fix SMT: Fixed problem when most map script objects weren't created
#1025 25.01.2014 at 05:29
Update SMT: Removed support for server color tags in nickname
Fix SMT: Fixed modifying parts of strings which were believed to be colors but they weren't
New Race: Hunter bonus
Update Race: Disabled drowning while driving Vortex
Update Race: Reseting vehicle X and Y rotation after picking up vehicle change + jump effect
Update SMT: Optimized game data restoring on script unload + added various monitored variables
#1024 24.01.2014 at 19:51
Fix Maploader: When nextmap is set, it's delayed for some time because of podium script
Fix SMT: Temp fix for players staying in room after scripts restart
New RaceNos: Support for default, toggle and hold modes
New Votemap: Using colors of current server
Update Admin: Revision of command permissions
Update Race: Setting ped stats to right values for race + optimized all game settings for new joined players
Fix Votemap: Many fixes for votemap (map generating, same maps in vote, behavior for less than 7 maps in vote)
#1023 24.01.2014 at 12:55
New Chat: /PM messages
Update Healthbar: Showing the bar just for local player, now it's hidden when spectating
#1022 23.01.2014 at 19:52
New Race: Blocked vehicle secondary weapons (hunter minigun, etc)
New Healthbar: showing health of player/vehicle on screen
Fix Sync: Fixed files not being removed from download queue when file doesn't exist serverside but exists clientside
New Race: Basic respawn script and training mode for DM
New SMT: Simple system to kill AFK players
New Admin: Implemented admin script
New SMT: Sending messages to webchat
Fix SMT: Fixed visible players and vehicles from other servers
New MapScreens: Script to take map screenshots and automatic upload to server
Update SMT: Updated server colors
New SMT: Suporting color tags everywhere (including nicknames) - [PLAY], [1], [2], etc....
New SMT: Own messages system, auto color replacing
Fix Race: Fixed not ready players blocking game
New SMT: Function for quick getting players matching selected arguments from required server
Fix Race: Fixed issue with not deleting player rank of not ready players after new round started
#1021 21.01.2014 at 19:57
Fix SMT: More fixes for camera bug
Fix Podium: Fixed showing of quit players
New Chat: ServerChat, globalChat, teamChat, globalTeamChat
Fix Spectate: Tricky method to fix camera bug when spectate target was destroyed during having free camera
New SMT: Scripted include function for room scripts (included script will be downloaded and loaded if not running)
Update SMT: Reduced loaded scripts memory requirements by up to 50%
Fix Maploader: Fixed and reenabled custom map scripts
Fix Sync: Fixed using shortened adress of file instead of full in file downloading
Update Lobby: Real player count, servers description, servers informations
Fix Spectate: Test fix for blackscreen after join #3
New Race: Checking if player is in vehicle, if not, he gets warped back
#1020 19.01.2014 at 19:56
Update Shaders: Updated carpaint shader to work with car texture
Update Settings: Updating setting ingame right after player change it on website
Update Votemap: Selecting 'Play again' has only 2/3 value compared to other maps
Fix Nametags: Fixed non-hiding some nametags of dead players
New SMT: Showing only players on same server as client
Fix Sync: Clearing download handlers when an error occur
Fix Race: Fixed player blips not hiding when player quit
Update Spectate: Fixed black screen camera bug
Update SMT: Alive statuses behavior update. Can cause unexpected results
New Race: Ghostmode
New SMT: Anti-Theft protection for all TXD, DFF and COL files
Update Race: Fixing vehicle visual look after picking up vehicle change
Update Sync: Optimisied downloading, better performance and efficient identification, redownload protection
Update Nametags: Adjusted visible distance to 100 units
Fix SMT: Fixed getting of startedPlayerCount
Update SMT: Removed unnecessary player state 'countdown'
#1019 17.01.2014 at 19:58
New Stats: Counting player matches
Fix Sync: Fixed issue with 2 requests on same file when the first request got rewriten and hadn't triggered onDownloaded event
Update Settings: Settings will now change immediatelly ingame when player changes them on website
Update Stats: Optimisied reg+log to use built-in getData function
Update Tab: Optimisied notice messages for ability to be shown just to certain players
New Vehicles: Support for quick paintjobs testing for designers
Fix Sync: Fixed bugged getPlayerData client function (wrong arguments manipulation)
New AFK: When player doesn't do any action for more than x minutes, he stops recieving all rewards or stats
New SMT: Logging unauthorised modifying of data (hacking) by clients, to be able to track them
New Stats: Functions to get cash and credit and to remove certain ammount of them including confirmation of sucessful transaction
New Settings: Saving settings when client changes them ingame
New SMT: Antihack protection, client cannot change none of his stats data via hacking
Update Teams: Destroying server teams when last team member leaves current server
Fix Teams: Fixed bug when logged player switched to other server and his team was not recreated
New Stats: Playtime measuring
Fix Sync: Fixed problem with sending update packets while server was still in standby mode
New Stats: Updating player nick in database, when player changes it
New SMT: Nickname restrictions: minimum length 2 characters, 2 players cannot have same nick (regardless colors)
New Stats: Counting player kills
New Race:Vehicle fire is now stopping after player presses enter
Update Vehicles: Updated paintjobs code to maximise performance and lower memory requirements as much as possible
Update Vehicles: Optimisied paintjobs to apply whenever player team or paintjob changes
Fix Race: Possibly fix for players freeze bug after map start #1
Fix Race: Pressing enter will now kill player only when he has state 'alive'.
New Stats: mechanics to calculate player rewards according to his position and total player count (not using linear dependence)
Fix Sync: File checker now uses absolute pathes
New Vehicles: Paintjobs
#1018 14.01.2014 at 19:59
Update Shaders: Settings compatibility
New Settings: System to work with player game settings
New Stats: Round stats
Update Race: Blips of team mates are now shown above others
Fix Lobby: Disabled hiding lobby when not joined on any server #2
Update SMT: Optimizied engineLoad functions, returning just what they get. Files are automaticly loaded on replace
New SMT: function engineReplace ( ) to replace TXD, DFF and COL of file all at once and in selected order
#1017 12.01.2014 at 19:44
New Podium: Scripted new winner screen
New SMT: Created event onClientElementCreate
Fix Nametags: Refreshing nametags after restoring minimized game
Update Nametags: Ped support, updating tag when ped name changes
Update Votemap: Vote is now showing also to players who join after vote start
Fix Race: Fixed wrong parameters ordering in onPlayerFinish
Fix SMT: Fixed wrong player global data restore on server join
Fix Spectate: Fixed blackscreen after joining server with disallowed spawning of new players
Update Nametags: Teams support
New Shaders: Added water, carpaint and nitro shaders from SMT 1.0 Shaders are forced on for now
Update Teams: auto changing color of blip and car whenever the data changes (do not reload when datas are changed on web yet)
Fix Race: Fixed bugged setting player position to 1 when he wins
Update Race: Moved blips and vehicle coloring to client
#1016 10.01.2014 at 20:00
New Teams: First release
Fix Lobby: Disabled hiding lobby when not joined on any server
#1015 07.01.2014 at 19:56
New SMT: Rescripted mysql get data calls to be more dynamic
Fix Spectate: Possibly fix for free camera after map starts
Update Lobby: Removed escape bind
Update Race: Modyfied kill system - both killer and asistent will now be considered as killers
Fix Lobby: Showing lobby window after player joined server using command
Fix Tab: Notice messages not showing when finished player dies
#1014 05.01.2014 at 20:01
New Lobby: Highlighting server where player is joined on
New Lobby: mouse cursor support
Fix SMT: Fixed files being downloaded from wrong server when serverID was unknown
#1013 04.01.2014 at 20:04
Fix Race: Fixed vehicle radio autotune on first spawn
Update SMT: Unloading all scripts on quit, not just synced ones. Stopping don't follow scripts order (should not make any problems)
Fix SMT: Protected scripts will not unload on player server quit
New SMT: Scripted possibility to start scripts when player is not joined on any server.
Update SMT: Stop script before (re)starting it
New GUI: Own gui script + design
#1012 02.01.2014 at 20:06
New Stats: log and reg system
New Stats: Calling web with playerData requests
Fix Spectate: Player was spectating himself when he died with finished state
#1011 01.01.2014 at 20:00
New SMT: Geting player country on server join
New Race: Script to detect who killed who + asistance kills
Update Race: Improved draw distance of carshade (road) objects
New Race: Camera should no longer colide with detached vehicle parts
New SMT: Disabled GTA interior music
New SMT: Disabled heat haze effect and ambient world sounds (water vawing and random LS gunfire sound)
New Race: Blocking all radio stations. Radio will be always switched off
New SMT: Scripted possibility to change camera mode during spectate
New Race: if allowed, script blocks explosions of vehicles near local player (mainly for DM and RACE)
Update Race: New status 'finished' for finished, but not dead players
Update Tab: Showing "X" as position for late joined players for better detection of remaining alive players
Fix Votemap: Possibly fixed bug allowing players to modify vote results after vote win map was announced
Fix Spectate: Bugged camera after spectated player quit
Fix Spectate: Unabled to spectate winner
Fix Tab: Fixed player position reset when dead player left server
#1010 31.12.2013 at 19:57
Update Tab: Improved showing of quit players and their datas
Update Tab: Optimizied data rendering script, ability to add more columns and auto-getting the values
Update Tab: Script now recognize returned player who left actual map, and gives him back his data
Update Sync: Keeping quit players in sync table until round ends
Update Changed trans-script variable access behavior
Fix Tab: fixed showing player's userdata pointer instead of nickname
Update Race: Player vehicles are now (un)freezing with their owner, even if he is not inside
#1009 30.12.2013 at 19:59
New Tab: scripted interfeace to show player notice messages
New Tab: scripted new scoreboard (not finished yet)
#1008 28.12.2013 at 22:13
Fix Maploader: Fixed bug causing blackscreen (maploader was not checking dependency script before calling them)
#1007 28.12.2013 at 02:24
New Debug: logging important things to logfile located on client/server side
Fix Servermanager: fixed problem with comparing server password to client
New Debug: implemented advanced debugger for easier bug finding
Update Maploader: modyfied player statuses setting
#1006 27.12.2013 at 20:01
Fix Maploader: When map starts, only spawned players get unfreezed.
Fix Maploader: round starts only when there is at least one ready player on server (if everyone is still downloading, game will wait)
Fix Race: fixed problem with map ending happening before map started
#1005 26.12.2013 at 17:52
Fix Maploader: fixed problem blocking map from loading
New Sync: Implemented advanced sync data tracker for noticing all changes in sync table
#1004 25.12.2013 at 20:00
Fix Nametags: fixed pickup tags not reloading after restarting nametags script
Fix RacePickups: fixed pickups not being unloaded properly on map unload
Fix Maploader: manually triggering onClientMapUnload on client when client suggests map unload
Fix Maploader: converting recieved mysql data to right type
Fix Spectate: fixed MTA camera bug
Fix Race: fixed MTA bug setting vehicle on fire when player pressed enter
Update Core: changed working with player's elements (not setting them as child of player anymore)
Fix Spectate: fixed various camera bugs
Fix Votemap: fixed map hiding script and map selection process order
Fix Votemap: fixed problem when 2 or more last maps had same votes count
Fix Votemap: map voting will be active as long as at least one player votes
Update SMT: Optimizied path system
#1003 23.12.2013 at 20:12
Fix Spectate: Fixed camera getting unlocked on map start
New SMT: Added functions to speed up working with player's data
Fix Security: Disallowed clients to modify any server shared variables
Fix Nametags: updating nametag after player pickups pickup (repair)
Fix Nametags: changed draw distance to match visible distance
Fix Votemap: fixed last map author name cut
Fix Votemap: fixed maps being in vote more than once (play again)
#1002 22.12.2013 at 20:02
Fix SMT: removed unused files from resource meta and folder
Update RaceNos: script is compatible with SMT 2.0
Update RaceNos: nitro script is now room server script
Fix Votemap: fixed vote not accepting votes after noone voted in first 10 seconds
Fix SMT: fixed room servers not stopping when last player leave
New SMT: reduced meta.xml to 20 lines, files will be downloaded dynamicly
Fix SMT: removed old unneeded script files from SMT 1.0
New Race: unnecessary HUD components were hidden
New Race: players now cannot fall from bikes
Fix Votemap: fixed mapvote starting twice in row for one map
New Scriptloader: main scripts can now communicate with custom scripts
Fix RacePickups: fixed wrong inheritance of pickup values
Fix Spectate: fixed camera staying locked on dead players
Fix Nos: nitro is now forced to Hold mode (NFS NOS)
Fix Race: fixed not working enter key
#1001 21.12.2013 at 19:56
New Race: added /kill command and bounded /kill to enter key
Update Race: moved player killing from client to server
Fix Spectate: fixed dead camera targeting back to local player
Fix Votemap: fixed hiding maps with less votes count
#1000 21.12.2013 at 14:48
New First release of SMT 2.0 script


#1023 Not released yet
New QuickJoin to server or specific room
Update Completely new stats
New Online server info - map, players..
New First release of the web 3.0
#1022 26.01.2015 at 18:16
New Released function for password reset
Fix Fixed many bugs after move at new server
#1021 20.11.2014 at 17:45
New CommentManager: New list of all comments for admins
New Comments: Delete function for admins
Fix MapList: Fixed pagination
#1020 12.11.2014 at 21:31
New Map list: Button for change gamemode type
New Stats: Highlighting players from your team in stats with lighter blue color
New Stats: Highlighting your account in stats with blue color
#1019 17.04.2014 at 11:40
Fix Settings: Fixed nitro mode
#1018 15.04.2014 at 17:39
New Translate: Auto send language file to server after import
New Dashboard: Added most downloaded files
New Added download section
New Translate: Easy translated XML import
New Translate: Easy XML export
#1017 13.04.2014 at 12:04
New Added favicon
Update Team: More functions for level 2: kick players with level 0 and 1, accept/decline players, set roles to all players
New Team: Added web option
New Team members: Added roles
#1016 30.03.2014 at 11:45
Fix Fixed country codes for new players
#1015 17.03.2014 at 14:23
Update Stats: Added Shooter server
#1014 11.03.2014 at 22:23
New Stats: Added team players stats
#1013 11.03.2014 at 14:37
New Stats: Added country stats
#1012 13.02.2014 at 18:24
New Team List: added column Members and sorted teams by it
Update Moved team list from "Create team" to "Team List"
New Added user money on top of the page
Update Map View: Added Top Wins
#1011 12.02.2014 at 20:31
New Added share buttons to articles - Facebook, Google+
#1010 11.02.2014 at 19:12
Fix Fixed error 404 and problem with google indexing
Fix Fixed problem with access via IPv6
#1009 06.02.2014 at 09:58
New Created Map list
Update Added flags into team
New Created Map View
New Added team settings
Fix Stats: Fixed wrong order after click to another page
#1008 24.01.2014 at 17:31
Update Moved to main domain -
Fix Fixed function getColoredString()
#1007 21.01.2014 at 18:34
Update Update user country in database after login on server or web
New Scripted new stats system
#1006 19.01.2014 at 17:12
Update Replaced user names with nicks
New Settings: Change password
New Settings: calling server with new values after submit settings on web
New Settings: Server settings
New Scripted functions for view colored nick
#1005 14.01.2014 at 17:59
New Added possibilities for manage settings
New Teams: Added function for level 3 - Kick player
#1004 10.01.2014 at 14:48
Fix Fixed mail confirmation
Fix Article: Fixed error when article doesn't exists
Update Comments: Auto scrolling to comments or error element when comment submitted
New Added possibility for comments on other pages than on articles
#1003 04.01.2014 at 20:01
New Added teams - create team, team profile and some basic functions for members
New Confirm window
New Executing player data requests from server
New Created new country and ip info system
#1002 26.12.2013 at 12:24
Fix Article: Fixed image size
#1001 22.12.2013 at 13:40
New Added function for admins - upload web/server content from development to public with one click
Update Changelog: Some design updates
New Changelog: Added release dates to builds
Fix Changelog: fixed order of changes
Fix Fixed author name in articles
#1000 21.12.2013 at 19:57
New First release of the web 2.0