SMT 2.0 Release CheckList

We have made this article to sumary all issues which have to be added before we can release SMT 2.0

Note: during today and tomorrow I will keep adding things to this list, until its complete.

I will edit this list when any issue is finished, so check this article for latest informations. When all issues on this list are crossed out, SMT 2.0 will be released for public as a stand-alone nonstop server.

Few last things left to do before release:

  • Anti-Theft protection for client data files
  • Anti-Hack protection for all stats data
  • Optimize file downloading + security and protection
  • Review server security
  • Different dimension for each server room
  • Get player settings immediatelly after player updates them on website
  • Finish implementation of Register&Login panel
  • Ghostmode for DM
  • Verify and confirmation of all DM map scripts
  • Admin script
  • System for autimatic generating of map screenshots - real screenshots in MapVote
  • Optimize nametags + fix non-hiding nametags bug
  • Notice players when downloading files (just simple notification for now)
  • Black screen after joining server with running map when spawning of new players is disabled
  • Some players remain frozen on mapStart (should be fixed now, but not tested)
  • Fix tab rank-calculation issues (sometime player's rank dont get removed after round, etc)
  • PlayerBlip sometime doesn't get deleted when player quit
  • Blow AFK players
  • Chat script - global chat, server chat, team chat, pm messages
  • Show real data in server Lobby - playerCount + texts
  • Vehicle exit protection for Race-based gamemodes


  • [SMT]GUMA 19.01.2014 at 16:00:43

    nice job...THC