Scripting progress #2 - Getting closer

After more than 2 weeks after #1 scripting progress article, I guess there is time to show some new stuff from SMT 2.0 gamemode.

Now I can clearly say, that we moved to next stage. Now almost all base things are done, so now we are finaly concentrating on the 'visible' stuff, which is much faster and easier to script, and mainly, it's lot more fun, because we see nice results immedietally.

Some of described things are already done for ~ 14 days, but I want to make summary of all new things made since previous scripting arcitle. Not all people got time to visit our beta test, I understand that and want to keep them informed.


I was talking about lobby in last article, but in that time the script was at beginning. I added mouse support and improved the animations. There will be a lot to do with lobby later, when we add more servers.

Tab script

The new tab script replaces the scoreboard script from old SMT. In fact it does the same things, but the code is smoother and it better fits our needs. Many of players complaints that opening Tab hides the chat, but it's one of the benefits - unlike old scoreboard script, you can play and watch the game during opened Tab - it doesn't take almost whole screen like old scoreboard. One of biggest advantages of new Tab script is the implementation of images - easy and quick. Also adding new columns is very fast, I can show any player data just by writing one line of code.

Kill script

The kill script is just facelifted version of the kill script from old SMT. It detects the killers of died players. Player could be killed by one or two killers, both killers will get same reward. You wont get informations about every single kill, you will be only noticed when you kill someone, and you will also be noticed about who killed you (so you can do bloody revenge in next round)

Some gameplay polishing

  • blocking radio stations
  • disabled water vawing sound
  • fixed camera colliding with detached vehicle parts
  • improved distance of carshade objects so now you can see them from greater distance
  • disabled interior sounds
  • changeable camera mode during spectate
  • ... and more

Notice messages

So many messages in chatbox can become very confusing sometime - just look at the image below, it's a great example. That's one of reasons why I scripted notice messages script. It's nothing huge, just small script, which will help keep the chat cleaner. Chat is made for conversation between players, not to show thousands of useless spammy messages.

Own GUI script

This new GUI script has actualy over 2000 lines of code. It can also handle different gui skins - the design of gui will change later, the one on screenshot is just testing design.

Stats system

There will be again month stats and total stats. It will be possible to view stats from older months and compare your stats with other players on web.

I suggest you to spend your cash on old SMT servers, before they go offline. We cannot use old stats on new SMT, it works differently. The stats from old SMT servers will be accesible from website, but the data (including cash) will NOT be transfered to your new account. But we will give VIP points to the best players from old SMT (when VIP is done).

Team script

This scripts gives clan color to your vehicle and change color of your blip on radar. I also improved displaying of team mates - sometime it was confusing when there were 2 teams with very similar color - players had problems with knowing who is opponent and who is team mate. Now it's simple - players from your team have bigger partly-transparent colored blips.
You can create own team here: 

Tip:  Hurry up, clan creation is for free right now, but later it will cost some game cash.


The setting is also very needed feature - players want to choose nitro modes (default/hold/toggle), enable or disable shaders, and so on. The system works almost like the old one, except one change - data will not be stored on players PC's, but on our server. This will allow you to modify the settings easilly on website, even during you are ingame - when you change settings on web, it will be directly set also in your MTA game.

Winner screen

This script will show the 3 best players of actual round after round ends. You will be able to choose your favourite animations (dance, etc) and when you win the map (as 1st), you will be shown on the podium with other 2 players who finished 2nd and 3rd. Soon we will add skin and clothes shop, so you will be able to customise your character. As you probably noticed from following screenshot, we will add new HD skins pack to server. We collected over 150 HD skins.


When  [SMT]Lukis's modelling skills connects with my scripting skills, we can do such a amazing thing like custom paintjobs on any car in GTA. Screens below should be self-explaining. We are able to use unlimited ammount of different paintjobs. You will be able to buy one of available paintjobs for game cash. Teams will be also able to make complete own team paintjobs, individual players will have possibility to upload self-made paintjobs and use them only on their cars aswell - coming soon.
Tip: Paintjobs will be expensive, so you should start earning game cash as soon as SMT 2.0 is released!

Actual plans

  • Ghostmode for DM
  • Health bar on screen
  • real screenshots of maps in mapvote
  • finishing stats system
  • Skin and clothes shop
  • Bug fixes
To notice most recent scripting news, visit the changelog here:

We believe we will be able to launch SMT 2.0 server in 1-2 weeks! We will inform you when new SMT server is about start.

Upcoming Alpha tests:

  • Tuesday 14.1.2014 20:00 CET - This is maybe last chance to see new paintjobs on your car for free!
  • Friday 17.1.2014 20:00 CET
  • Sunday 19.1.2014 20:00 CET
  • ...
  • ??.1.2014 - Launching of SMT 2.0

Check this site for further news and more details about relase date soon. Thanks for your patience.


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