We prepared new web script for you. Now, after logging in, you will see new item "Teams" in menu.

If you are not member of any team, there will be just item "Create Team" to create new team/clan. If you are not member of any team, you can create new clan only by filling in the clan name and tag. In next step you choose primary color of your team. On next screen you see the summary. After clicking "Create Team", the procedure is finished and your clan is automaticly created, with you as Founder (level 3). Since the team is created, you will see new item "Your team" in menu, where can be found team profile.

Team profile

If you are not member of any team yet, you will see the "Join team" button, which will send a request to join the team. After sending request, the team leaders will be able to decide if they accept/reject your request.

If you are member of any team, you will see "Quit team" button. Everyone can leave team when he wants to, except Founder. Founder can leave only after he give his level 3 to someone other. After that he has only level 2 and can leave as any other member. Only one player in team can have level 3. It allows the founder to delete clan and do the most important clan decissions.

We are working for more things to do in team manager, different team levels will be allowed to accept new players, write in clan chat, planning CW/FW against other team and so on.

For most recent news look in the Changelog item in menu.


  • eDev 13.01.2014 at 23:54:12

    I have a ask how i can Join Other members ?

  • EL-DoOoN 17.01.2014 at 18:38:01

    All teams will activated ?

  • Tp#[w]Pu|N|!* 12.04.2015 at 20:56:04

    I want to set up a special group

  • Tp#[w]Pu|N|!* 08.06.2015 at 12:54:58

    I have been created clan and I have 26 members