Scripting progress #1

You would maybe think, that there is not much new with SMT 2.0 last days. But that's not right. I'm scripting hard everyday. When enough of things are done, we let the SMT 2.0 test server unlocked, nonstop and public.

Maybe the scripting progress is not so fast as you would except but our main goal is quality, not quantity. So we concentrate on making the code as smooth and lightweight as possible while thinking about all future posibilites, which could be implemented anytime later without any pain. The benefits of high code quality is not seen from start, but later it will allow us to be more flexible, you will see.

Here are some interesting and less interesting screenshot from developing (note that some of them are unactual - more than 2 weeks old)

Making of nametags script

First I will show some screenshots of creating nametags. Maybe it doesn't look like that, but I spend a lot of hours making them, on the screenshots you can see that the nametags script wasn't made by one "magic click" or by pressing enter key. It was long continuous work and I had to have the concept of script well-advised for long time. In actual stage the script has over 600 lines of code.
I agree that the nametags doesn't look well yet, but the design is the very simplest thing to change. In scripting, the things you see on screen are easy to make. The hardest things are the things in background, which works as the base for the 'visible' things. Without that base, you wont see anything.
It's same as building a building. You cannot start building the skyscraper in swamp, you need very strong and reliable basement, otherwise the building will collapse when it reaches certain height. And we want to go really high.
Thats why we are slow on start, but the more we do, the faster we add new things, because I will be able to use functions made before.

Alpha testing

Since first alpha test, we did more tests (every day or two) but deffinitely, the first one was far the craziest from them, there are some screens to prove it.

Server Lobby

In last days I also concentrated to make lobby. Here are some screens from making of. Notice the blurry background, making that thing cost me more time that I would like to. The lobby itself was made only in like 2 hours, althrought its not finished yet. The lobby window is dynamic, fits to all screen sizes and it looks different for different server count.

ServerData changes monitor

I spend almost whole day with this script yesterday. What it does? It tracks any server change that happens and let know the interested scripts. This is typical 'invisible' base thing - as I described at the beginning of this article. Without that I cannot go further with scripting, because without tracking changes, the scripts will be like blind and will not react to changes efficiently.

Next Alpha test today

By the way, today at 20:00, there is going to be next alpha test. Who was at yesterday's test probably noticed that the game was unplayable. It was caused by one wrong variable and its already fixed, so I hope today there will be no bugs and I will be able to concentrate only to scripting new features, and not also bugfixing.

Stay tuned for more news soon!


  • :) 26.12.2013 at 17:30:21

    The first day of testing was really funny and we had a lots of fun.

    That's nice that you show us, that scripting isn't only about the magicclicking and I see for first time how a script looks like.

    It's really better if you do quality work instead of quanitity work because, what do you have for that when the server always collaps when you finish that quickly.
    Good luck with that and hope fully there won't be problems today.

    FDD legionnaire Alpi

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