Lag room

Many players get anoyed on FDD and Shooter because of people with bad ping and FPS. NonLagger vs lagger experience will never be ideal, so it's best idea to split them to 2 groups which won't have to play together. So we are opening special server room for laggers. 

We decided to make only one lag room - why? Because we dont want 10 rooms with 5 players in each. Generaly lag issues don't affect DM & DMA, because there are no collisions, so even high pings cause no problems. Also no point to play pure DD with lags so DD lag room also doesn't make any sence. So we have FDD and Shooter left. There are not enough laggers to fill 2 extra servers, so there will be just one.

Map vote will use random generating of FDD+Shooter maps.
FDD vote and FDD items (mine, stinger, etc) will work only on FDD maps.
Shooter script will only run on shooter maps or after voted in FDD vote.
Lag room will have own stats (except map wins)

New limits:

  • FDD: 25 FPS, 200ms
  • Shooter: 25FPS, 200ms
  • Lag: 15FPS, 400ms


  • -[SAM]-RudeBoy 13.02.2015 at 23:17:59

    Thats photo of our scripter

  • G-'RedFoo# 13.02.2015 at 23:19:58

    Good Job xD

  • eXe-#Omega 14.02.2015 at 05:17:45

    +1 nice

  • '#iDr.BlUE 14.02.2015 at 05:20:37

    Good job, and I think that this idea of the members living in Brazil

  • Pulemet 14.02.2015 at 15:46:13

    if the player earns a victory on Lar Room on the card a shooter, he receives a victory on Shooter on this card and on Lag Room?

  • -[SAM]-RudeBoy 14.02.2015 at 16:04:05

    ^ yes

  • eQx|Ki.[w]no^ 17.02.2015 at 18:15:07

    top 1 xP

  • eXe-#Omega 18.02.2015 at 16:31:08


  • TL#RoM~aNs(3 18.02.2015 at 18:40:27

    top 2

  • AlexBJ 02.03.2015 at 18:02:49


  • [w]Unknown 21.03.2015 at 16:34:11

    Good Shooter and Lag
    :D make next pro maps :D

  • #Crash^^ 11.04.2015 at 22:00:13


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  • TXA 20.05.2015 at 13:44:46

    () :)

  • elif 25.05.2015 at 15:00:34

    good job :))

  • MuddledChannel1 30.06.2015 at 20:17:50

    S.a Arkadaşlar

  • ~Zeus 10.07.2015 at 21:27:30

    Bad lag room ._.

  • EMiNeM. 14.07.2015 at 15:45:28

    Hey Guys,
    I have some good ideas for our server...
    1.Changing of PING LIMIT
    It would be a pleasure if the ping limit of Shooter Arena be extended to 400 and Lag Room to 500 then more players can play SMT as i have seen that from last few days we have only between 30-50 Players online and earlier we had 100-200.This is because as you change the Server IP.The players have got more pings like i use to had 150 Pings earlier but now it has increased to 200 and sometimes it reaches 300 also....

  • EMiNeM. 14.07.2015 at 15:47:20

    2.Using CASH to buy SKINS
    It would be great if you could add a fuction in game from where we can buy skins as i have seen when we reconnect we get skins without choice and till now we had find no way to use our cash so we can use our cash to buy new Skins and to look Good :)

  • Mypuk 17.07.2015 at 14:31:03

    What do I need money in SMT?

  • EMiNeM. 17.07.2015 at 18:01:23

    @|Zzz|Mypuk Till now there is no use of money in SMT but i have strong feeling that if my idea will be accepted than we can be able to buy skins from our money...

  • #M[w]anyak~Reis^-_-^ 13.08.2015 at 10:04:54


  • (PVP)AlexPowder 17.08.2015 at 22:23:07

    I Have A Bug.
    I Can't See The User's Names in the game. I Only See a rectangular white thing....
    Please Help Me!

  • CH//[Exter]*~* 23.08.2015 at 19:52:58


  • >Carlos< 06.09.2015 at 21:18:54

    xD :V

  • Tp#[w]Pu|N|!* 07.11.2015 at 17:03:51

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    jjjajajjja xd

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  • sT'!iReusX//11 12.12.2015 at 17:24:08

    Hey All SMT
    i want to Add 7-10 maps shooter and 3 Maps DD and Map DMA
    Want Me skype:saaidaabrahem-2003
    pls All Members SMT answer me and talk me

  • George299 21.12.2015 at 17:52:09

    GUYS i havr reinstalled 5 diffrent gtas and still cant login because it says that my gta3.img is modified. My accs name is George299 plz answer quick :D

  • Sasuke!NSK 24.12.2015 at 05:50:29


  • EMiNeM. 13.01.2016 at 05:12:31

    The Members of SMT have not come to the server from a long time and they are not even bothered about the server anymore....
    I wish i could change this but for now there is no solutions for the bugs as well as your complaints so i would suggest you all to not waste your time on SMT and find some another server to play cuz till the time the creators of SMT come and update and bring some changes in the script the bugs are not going to be fixed...
    MFG- HulKBusteR(Old-School Player of SMT )

  • #Scared 10.03.2016 at 23:29:44

    Nice server *-*

  • DSAD 30.04.2016 at 17:13:49

    no longer . Kia does not look AMSA 1.3.5 Update have stayed in the saddle pls

  • CnT#Piotrek 08.05.2016 at 16:46:05

    hey man invite me

  • #SnakeBJ 06.09.2016 at 16:27:03

    :D xD PrO Scripter :V

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  • #VipZoli 06.12.2016 at 20:42:59

    invite me

  • #Lutz* 06.12.2016 at 23:19:51

    Guys, why don't make a serious clan war in lagroom server? ;)

  • Tp#[w]Pu|N|!* 20.01.2017 at 19:41:27

    Hello Pro's ^_^

  • ChemiS 30.05.2017 at 02:20:35

    SMT RIP..

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