Hopefully in few days we are going to open Freeroam server. What it will be about? Buying houses, customize your character, and more. Our servers are mainly about cars and racing, but I think that taking a short break on freeroam server doesn't sound bad. And it's also great oportunity to customise your personal character or vehicles.

Gaming area

Main game area is the Palomino Creek village. If the server became more popular, we are ready to extend it to next villages around. We don't want to use cities, they are unnecessary large and well known. Villages more suit our needs - smaller area is easier to fill than large city.
There are random cars spawned arround the willage, you can use any of them, but it's impossible to tune them - for tuning you must buy own vehicle.

House + Garrage system

Why should you want houses? Main reason are garrages. If you want to tune your car, you must first buy some car. But before you can buy a car you need a garrage as a car storrage.

Car tuning

So you bought a house with garrage? Then you are ready to buy a car. Visit your nearest car dealership and buy any model you want. The cars will not be used only in freeroam, but also in DD/DM/FDD. It's simple: if you buy for example Infernus, everytime you get Infernus in DD/DM/FDD, you will get your personal car with all your tuning and stuff. Same for all other vehicles, you will be able to buy any vehicle you want and tune it.
Working on cartuning is very hard and time consuming, it requires working house+garrage system, working tuning, working replacing in DM/FDD/DD, car parts syncing, etc, so it may take a bit longer. It also requires modelling of tunning garage and tuning parts.

Clothes shop

As the name says, in this building you will be able to customise your character. The interior is completely new so hope you enjoy your shopping.

Possible actions to do in clothes shop (more things coming later):
  • Skin selection
  • Clothes selection (only for skin 0 - CJ) - it will be possible to buy any clothes like in single player
  • Winner animations - you will be able to choose list of animations you like and these will be used for you on winner screen (podium) when you win a map
  • Winner songs - large list of songs, selected songs will be played on podium when you win a map

Plans of release

Clothes shop should be done before end of this week, so we will probably launch freeroam server at least to allow you to customise your character for start. Houses should be finished until end of the week aswell, but not for sure. Then we will concentrate on tuning.

Check this site to be informed about current progress. Visit Changelog to see the most actual and detailed list of changes.

In few days I'm going to post article with screenshots of car tuning so stay in touch!


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