Scripting progress #4 - Toptimes, MapInfo, multiLanguage and more

Some interesting things done in past week

Damage model for Cheetah

This script also includes falling off wheels when your car is very destroyed but I had to disable this feature, because MTA 1.3 cannot detect damage taken by vehicle reliably. This feature is only available on MTA 1.3.5, when its released, I reenable falling of wheels and the damage will be a bit more corresponding to damage force than now.

FDD items

Mine, stinger, oil. For now, you recieve average one item in ~ 7 minutes. We will work on saving and also a possibility to be able to buy items.
You can easilly see your FDD items on screen, in right bottom border. If you want to use any item, just press T to show cursor and simply cllick on one of these icons.
Because of wrong detection of MTA function checking if vehicle is on ground, you may experience problems with placing items ('Cannot place item here') in some vehicles. There cannot be much done about it right now.

Map Info Panel

The script you all ask for since we started SMT 2.0 is finaly here. It shows basic map info like name, author, likes/dislikes and map image. It also shows toptimes and topwins (topwins calculation is going to be added in few hours from now).
The panel is  automaticly showing when an map starts. If you don't like this feature, you can disable it in settings on this web.Its also possible to hold Tab to show map panel, this can be also turned off in settings.

MultiLanguage script

This script can handle unlimited ammount of various languages. Only problem is the standalone translation to other languages, as our team can only translate to EN, DE, CZ. But we hope we will find some reliable translators to make the highest quality translations to most popular languages on server. The script itself is already finished, but we also need to make web application for creating translations.
When you join server, it will set your language by your saved settings (if you are logged) or by detecting your country from IP adress. You will be able to switch to any language you want to use. We will also add language global chat. Writing to the chat will be possible via pressing L key.

Stay tuned for more scripting news