Scripting progress #3

It's 4 days since we released first public beta version. Thanks to alpha testers who were joining our frequent alpha test, we were able to notice and fix important problems before release, so there weren't much problems after release.

List of most important new features

Training Mode

When you die on any DM map, you are able to respawn using enter key. For now it spawns you on start (will be improved soon). You can spawn any times you want but anyway, there is one main limitation: when being in training mode, you dont recieve toptimes for picking up hunter, and after getting hunter you are automaticly killed.

Last Player alive on DM maps

Especially when there was less ammount of players on DM server (15 players or less) the gameplay was very anoying. Because when all players died and only one last survived, map ended and the last player had to start over on next map, but in few seconds, everyone except him died again, and so on and so on. So I decided to concentrate on making script which will allow last survived player to finish the map.

How does it work? When all players die, and only one last remains alive, he simply continue the map. While all other players vote for next map and watch the winner screen, the winner can still drive on the map without being disturbed. In ~20 seconds, new map starts loading, but not for last survivor. He can still drive on old map, as long as he want. When he dies, get hunter or press enter, his map will be unloaded and he will be instantly moved to next map, back to the rest of players.

Some of you complain that it's unfair that next map starts without the last survivor. So I will try to explain why this is the best way: Players are joining the server to play, not to watch some other player driving on some very long map (even when he is skilled), so if they cannot play, they simply leave. And why should they wait for the last survivor to finish, when they can go to next map? If the last survivor doesn't like this feature, he can simply press enter when he wins and it will all work like before. But this feature give him a choice: Continue playing this map, or go straight to next one.

There is one very important detail about this script: Your toptime is calculated from time when you spawned. So simply, even when you join the next map 2 minutes after it started, the map elapsed time will be zero for you. So you are still able to get hunter and even get the 1st toptime record. Only disadvantage of this is fact, that other players will have hunter earlier than you and they will be trying to kill you.


Simple script to hide nearby players arround you, so you can better concentrate on your driving. This script runs only on DM and RACE gamemodes. Carfade is turned on by default, but if you don't like this feature, you can turn it off in settings in left panel on this website


Your toptimes are already saving. There is no Toptime window to show best times of current map, but its comming soon.
All toptimes are saving (when you are logged), so if you get hunter, your name will be displayed in map toptimes list, doesn't matter how long it took you to finish the map. There is going to be simplyfied version of toptimes list on server and complete toptimes for each map on this website.

Comming Soon

This is list of items which are probably going to be added in few next days

Team Wall on website

Comments on your team page. When you add comment, you can choose whether it will be visible just for team members or for public.

Map Uploader

Page to upload your maps. Admins will check the map and decide if it will be uploaded to server or not.

Website MapList

Web page with all maps from all gamemodes on our server. Each map will have its own page including map image(s), rating, toptimes, how much the map earned to the author and uploader and more info. It will be possible to like/dislike map and add it to favourites (more info about favourite maps later). You will be also able to add comment to any map.

Special FDD pickups

Every few minutes, some special pickup will be spawned on FDD server. It can be mine, stinger, or oil (more pickups will be added later). When you pick it up, the item gets saved to your inventory and you can use it anytime later. When you decide to use one of your item, it will be placed on the ground behind your car. In few seconds it will get activated. Then when some player drive over it, he will experience some 'problems'. If you placed mine, he will explode. If stinger, his tires will pop up. If you made oil splash, his vehicle will go into spin and he will probably end up drowned in water.

Advanced vehicle damage model for Cheetah

I wont tell much yet, but it will be a huge improvement of game experience. Now your vehicle looks always same, doesn't matter how damaged it is. But soon you will notice a big change of vehicle look when it gets damaged. On FDD it will also modify the behavior of vehicle and im sure it will bring a lot of more fun to game

Please remember that the screenshots are just for imagination, the damage is not finished yet and will look a bit different when done.

New Radar (MiniMap)

Practical radar with build in health and nitro bar and map time info. Surprise

MapInfo panel during round end screen

When map ends and the podium (winner screen) is shown, map info window will also appear. You will be able to like/dislike map, add it to favourites or view more detailed informations.

Toptimes window

New toptimes are much complex than on old SMT 1.0 servers. We save all toptimes so you will be able to see how good you are and compare your results with other players in the leaderboard.


  • -[SAM]-RudeBoy 29.01.2014 at 09:16:36

    Tieto plány vyzerajú luxusne. Snáď to časom priláka väčšiu skupinu hráčov.

  • :) 29.01.2014 at 16:59:10

    My favourite things are: the new car damage and finally the map uploader :P

  • Qs^Slang 31.01.2014 at 09:01:56

    cool cant wait for the fdd pickups and will there be votings in fdd? fdd is not fdd without the voting (invert) :D

  • [SMT]GUMA 31.01.2014 at 11:17:20

    Nazdaaaar=D dobra prasecina vy blazni.....respekt=D

  • :) 02.02.2014 at 01:46:50

    votings are so boring, especially this faster game...drives me nuts :'D